Terminted IBOS

Questions You Should Ask Before Signing Up With AmeriPlan USA

The opinions expressed herein are my personal observations based upon my own personal experiences and are not intended to influence any opinion that you may have of AmeriPlan USA or it's owners, nor to dissuade you from doing business with this company.  Any information contained herein should not be taken as fact.  Use your own judgement and do your own research before making any final conclusions. is not responsible for the validity of content of other websites who's links may appear on these pages.
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Before you sign up as a new IBO with AmeriPlan or AmeriPlanUSA, (whatever name they go by this week) jot down this list of questions and ask your potential new sponsor to answer them for you.  If he cannot, have him 3 way call you in with a higher level IBO who CAN answer them to your satisfaction.
1. Which number is greater, the number of NEW IBOs joining Ameriplan this year, or the number of IBOs that stop, quit, cancel, or are terminated from Ameriplan this year?  Is this the proverbial 2 steps forward, 10 steps backward scenario?

2. Why did each of the following top income earners in Ameriplan either quit, cancel or were terminated from Ameriplan?

Achieved over $1 million per year income - Mark Jarvis, NVP
Achieved over $600,000 per year income - Dale Brooks, NVP
Achieved over $450,000 per year income - Brad Murray, NVP
Achieved over $400,000 per year income - Mike McDonald, NVP
Achieved over $300,000 per year income - Michael Lancto, NVP
Achieved over $250,000 per year income - Wendy Heiminz
Achieved over $200,000 per year income - Roger Kamen
Achieved over $200,000 per year income - Steve Luxenborg
Achieved over $200,000 per year income - Scott Miller
Achieved over $200,000 per year income - Alan Masters, NVP
Achieved over $200,000 per year income - Ron Heck
Achieved over $150,000 per year income - Sandra Goodmundson
Achieved over $100,000 per year income – Larry McKenzie
Achieved over $100,000 per year income - George Ramsey
Achieved over $100,000 per year income - Priscilla Coyne
Achieved over $100,000 per year income - Rick Wietl
Achieved over $100,000 per year income - Phil Scrugs
Achieved over $100,000 per year income - Frank Jarvis

3. While searching the internet on the address of Ameriplan's main office (5700 Democracy Dr, Plano, TX), there are several other companies also using this same address. Is this growth or decline? 

4. Why has the number Ameriplan employees decreased from 200+ to now about 20?  What does that 90% declining number say about the direction of Ameriplan?

5. The internet archives many business websites on the internet at  "Way Back Machine". When I put in - starting way back in May 2002, there are some very disturbing articles that appear to be very factual. Have you checked into the documents referenced here?

6. Page 5 of the current Ameriplan policy and procedure manual says an IBO can be terminated with or without cause.  What does it mean "without cause"?  Have you asked your NVP what "terminated without cause" means?

  • Has Ameriplan ever terminated IBOs "without cause"?  Is it true that Ameriplan terminated HUNDREDS of IBOs without cause?
         Answer should be: Yes.  On Feb 14, 2011 Ameriplan mailed out HUNDREDS of letters to IBOs informing them that they were being            "terminated without cause."  Have you searched  "900 ibos"  (to see for yourself)

  • Since Ameriplan is terminating hundreds of IBOs for no reason, WHY should anyone write any business for Ameriplan, when they have a track record now of taking it away for no reason?

  • Since Ameriplan pays commissions on a percentage basis, that means that Ameriplan will always have the money coming in to Ameriplan in order to pay the IBO's their commissions, since their commissions are only a portion of the money Ameriplan is receiving, right?  So terminating IBO's as a way to increase revenues should not be necessary...correct?

  • Since Ameriplan would not have the monthly revenue coming in each month unless the IBOs wrote the business in the first place, isn't it unethical and immoral for Ameriplan to then refuse to pay the IBOs their commission especially since it was legally contracted to them as a "vested" income for the life of the business?

  • Are you aware that the term "vested income" means that a person will continue to be paid even if they are fired or terminated?  So why doesn't Ameriplan do this?

7. Is it true that in Jan 2008 that Ameriplan permanently ended all requirements (quotas) for all Sales Directors to receive their lifetime vested residual incomes on the business that remained on the books?  Answer: YES.  Question: So if these hundreds of IBOs were not required to write any business to receive their lifetime residual income, and they did nothing wrong, why were their incomes terminated?

8. Is it true that the Blooms said that they terminated hundreds of IBOs so they could pay Anthony Anderson $5.5 million - since the Blooms lost their jury trial with Anthony Anderson? Question: Why should any IBO have to pay the court ordered fines that the Blooms were ordered to pay?

9. Did a Texas jury award Anthony Anderson (a terminated Ameriplan IBO) over a $5.5 million judgment in 2010?

Why was Anthony Anderson terminated in the first place?  If Anthony Anderson did something to be terminated, did the Blooms have Anthony Anderson arrested and charged?  Answer: yes.  Didn't the authorities DROP all the charges against Anthony Anderson?
Is it true that Anthony Anderson is suing Ameriplan again for his false arrest and/or other charges against Ameriplan?

10. Since Total Platinum is $75 per month and Platinum Freedom Pass is $150 per month, and there is so much pressure to get people paying $150 per month, then besides the added 10% commission what are the actual BENEFITS you receive for the extra $75 per month?
Can you tell me HOW that extra $75 each month has saved YOU money each month this year?

11. Ameriplan says the ID Theft protection in the $150/mo Platinum Freedom Pass is monitored every minute of every day 365 days per year. How can you verify that is true?

12. With so many FREE websites offering grocery coupons on the internet (like and others), and with free grocery coupons coming to my mailbox in front of my house every week, I have more grocery coupons than I can use already. So why should anyone PAY for the grocery coupon website at Ameriplan when they can get so many grocery coupons for free without Ameriplan?

13. The $150/mo Platinum Freedom Pass says it includes a Grocery Rewards Card that can digitally or electronically load selected coupons onto this proprietary rewards card.  Question, ask if YOUR grocery store (give the name of your grocery store) currently participates in this grocery rewards card program?  (many do NOT)

14. The $150/month Platinum Freedom Pass includes AmeriDoc. How does the consumer know that the person on the other end of the phone is a doctor, is a doctor in good standing, is a doctor schooled in the USA, certified in the USA, does not have malpractice cases against them???  Can the member verify any of this?  When YOU are sick or hurting do you really want to have your doctor just talk to you over the phone, or do you prefer to see a doctor in person?

The example provided by AmeriDoc are as follows: (ask yourself if you really need to ask a doctor about any of these or couldn't your local pharmacist answer the same questions:

- Your child has a stuffy nose and a cough. Is it a cold or allergies?
- After working all day, your back is sore. Should you apply ice or heat?
- Your spouse has recurring acid indigestion. Is it something to worry about?
- You have a question or need a refill of your regular (diabetes, blood pressure, etc) medication.

I went to and I can buy it on my own for $10/month, so why should I pay $150/month to buy it from Ameriplan?

15. Why did Ameriplan eliminate the "roll up" (compression) in their compensation in November 2010?  Answer: Did the Blooms say that the "roll-ups were only a GIFT"??  So if Rollups were a "gift" why was this "gift" included as 1099 income?

In March 2011, Ameriplan allowed only a partial rollup back into the compensation, and only the new business would rollup. So why didn't Ameriplan re-instate the rollup as it had been for 18 years?  Are Ameriplan NSDs and NVPs happy about this new partial rollup policy?

16. Why did Ameriplan eliminate the $30,000 in cash bonuses for Vice President positions?  Wasn't the VP bonuses the incentive NSDs had to reach higher?  How do you feel about the VP bonuses being taken away?  Do you think eliminating $30,000 in cash bonuses was a significant take away? Are Ameriplan NSDs and NVPs happy about losing these NVP bonus incentives?

17. Why did Ameriplan eliminate the $250 Bonus for the $250 Club, and the $500 Bonus for the $500 Club, and the $1000 Bonus for the Millennium Club?

18. How many IBOs are in the company today?  Approximately how many IBOs were in Ameriplan at it's peak?

19. If I become an IBO in Ameriplan and I do not make RSD within my first 30 days, can I ever requalify to be in the Fast Tracker Program?
Answer: No!

20. If I become an IBO in Ameriplan and I do not make RSD within my first 30 days, can I ever requalify to get either the 5% override or 10% override while on my way upward to SRSD?
Answer: No!

21. If I become an IBO in Ameriplan and I do not make RSD within my first 30 days, can I ever requalify to receive $100 bonuses when I create a personally sponsored fast tracker RSD?
Answer: No!

22. If I become an IBO in Ameriplan and I do not make RSD within my first 30 days, and if my personal monthly revenue I generate (PMR) ever drops below $300, will I be terminated from the FastTracker program and never be allowed to requalify for it?
Answer: That's correct (it's punishment)

23. If I start as an IBO at $150 per month and I write 1 application or 1,000 applications and I am receiving 40% commission on all the business I wrote... BUT one day I decide to downgrade to say $50 per month, will all my commissions that was being paid 40% commission be reduced to 20% commission (cut in half) and I'll never be able to raise the commissions of any of that business back to 40%???
Answer: That is correct (it's punishment)

24. Dental and Medical Doctor providers - is your provider list online accurate and up to date?
Do you mind if I call a few of them to see if they accept Ameriplan?

25. Who visits your dentists and medical doctors to certify or recertify them each year? Do you have Provider Relations representatives in major US cities to do this for you?  If not, what happened to them?  Is it correct that they were all terminated as well?

26. How long is the average wait time (on hold) when customer call into your customer service?  Do you mind if I call in to check?
I believe the numbers are (469) 229-4501 or (800) 647-8421 am I correct?
(typical is over 30 minutes wait time, just recently there was no answer after 1 hour)

27. Tell me about the growth or decline of Ameriplan revenues in 2008, 2009 and 2010?  Is it getting better or worse? Why?

28. Your web site, webinar, and powerpoint presentation says that Ameriplan has "incentive trips".  Where is the next incentive trip going that you're working on?  (tip: not where have you had trips in the PAST, but where is the "incentive trip" that you're working on winning NOW?

29. Do you ever reduce the cost of becoming an IBO or a member for a short period of time as a promotion?
Answer: yes
Question: Why should I sign up with you NOW?  Shouldn't I wait for the next time it goes on sale?
Question: If your every day price is a great value, why do you ever discount your price further?

30. Are the owners of Ameriplan professional in the public speaking on stage at events? Or do they often curse and swear while on stage publicly?

31. Ameriplan has been around for 19 years. When you add up all the IBOs who are National Sales Directors, Regional Vice Presidents, Senior Regional Vice Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Executive Vice Presidents, and National Vice Presidents - how many would that total?

31. In December 2010 Ameriplan held a big conference and invited any and all SRSDs and higher to attend. It was announced that this event would detail the biggest new news of the year at the corporate headquarters in Plano TX at the unbelievable low price of just $20 that included an all you can eat meal and a box full of sales aides. How many IBOs attended?

Answer: Total attendance 75, but many were couples, so the number of actual IBOs was about 40 (plus their spouses or guests and a number of local IBOs that were not yet SRSD)
Question: Is that a large attendance? If not, why didn't more attend?

32. Who was the most recently promoted National Vice President? (Answer: Becky Blacka)
  • How involved is that person in Ameriplan today?
  • Did she attend the Dec 2010 big event in Plano TX? Answer: No
  • I hear that she is working a job now to pay her bills. Is that true?
  • Do you think this motivates others to work so hard to achieve NVP?
  • Have you ever asked your upline NVP what their 1% infinity bonus is monthly?

33. Who was the most recent NSD in the company?

34. Who was the most recent President's Club (at any level) in the company?

35. Who was the most recent person in Ameriplan to be awarded $100,000 per year Founder's Ring?

36. How do you feel about the company making it MORE DIFFICULT for you (or anyone) to achieve a President's Club level or a Founder's Ring level?  Doesn't that also make it more difficult, nearly impossible, for anyone to then achieve any Vice President position now?  (tip: most IBOs have no idea about this change)

37. Are the incomes of mid-level to top IBOs in Ameriplan going up or down?  Question: If down, what does that say about the current potential for IBOs joining today?  If they say "up" - can I get a screen shot printout from their back office showing how much their check has gone up over the past 6 months, past year, past 2 years?

38. If you (Zeke) are a new IBO and on your Day #1 you sign up 5 IBOs (Al, Bob, Cindy, Dave, Ed) at $50/mo each, and on their Day #1 they sign up 5 IBOs each (this is 25 new IBOs who are 2nd level to you). How much would you (Zeke) get paid every month on the 25 new IBOs on your 2nd level .. even if they stay with the company 20 years?
Answer: $0

39. Is it true that the owners of Ameriplan in 2010 created a new and separate company distinct from Ameriplan called idRMG (Identity Risk Management Group)?  Answer should be: True
  • Question: Did Ameriplan executives by phone and video solicit IBOs to pay $99 to join this other company called idRMG?
  • Answer: Yes
  • Question: Is this not the company cross recruiting everyone's downline in Ameriplan to join another separate company that will result in profits to the Ameriplan owners?
  • Answer: Yes
  • Question: What's the difference in an IBO soliciting your downline to join a different company, and the executive staff of Ameriplan doing the exact same thing?
  • Question: Did you (or anyone you know) ever make any money from idRMG?
  • Question: When idRMG did not "take off", was everyone's $99 refunded to them?
  • Answer: No

40. From the years 1998 through 2008 isn't it true that Ameriplan would typically host conventions of 2,000 or more in attendance?

How many people attended the Ameriplan convention in the summer of 2010 after being in business for 18 years?
Answer: under 400.  Why was it so low attended?

Why was the convention of 2010 called a "Leadership Summit" instead of a "convention" like in years past?

41. How many months have you been in Ameriplan?  How many IBOs have you signed up?  How many of those IBOs made RSD in their 30 days? How many of your IBOs have ever made RSD? made SRSD or higher?

42.  Why did Ameriplan use one Federal ID number on the 1099’s for 2009 and then use a different Federal ID number on the 1099’s for 2010?

43.  Why does it say on page 18 of the Ameriplan Policy and Procedure manual than if any IBO uses the term “Ameriplan USA” then you will be TERMINATED? 

   - Apparently the acceptable term now is just plain “ameriplan”.  Why?

   - So why hasn’t Ameriplan itself removed all their websites on “” ?


Based on your answers above, if you were evaluating Ameriplan TODAY whether you should start as an IBO in Ameriplan or not, would you honestly join now?  If yes, WHY???

As a final thought, please re-read question #2.  Make sure you get a clear, concise and BELIEVABLE answer to that one.